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Welcome. Most men carry unresolved negative experiences from childhood or adulthood. "Man codes" strictly govern how men should handle such "secrets." As a consequence, many men find themselves trapped and silently hurting in a "straight jacket" of masculinity. Such restraining coping strategies lead to self-criticism, anxiety, anger, loneliness, sadness, addiction and risk taking behavior, which characterize so many men's lives.

Whether you're a straight, gay or transgender man, my mission is to empower you to triumph over any challenge — past or present, big or small — so you can define your own manhood and be your authentic self, maximize your full potential, and achieve your personal & professional goals. The benefits are more: health, happiness, love, confidence, peace and success.

You're resilient. Inside of you lies a natural capacity to heal & thrive, which is one of your greatest strengths. Nothing that was done to you in the past can keep you from moving forward. You're a strong and courageous warrior who can battle your problems. You can proclaim victory by creating an excellent life, freeing yourself from the shackles of the past — unbroken.

Your heroic journey can begin today. It's never too late for anyone who is willing to try. Take that first step by contacting me and lessen your troubles. You don't have to suffer alone in silence. I can be there for you, wherever you are, working effectively, securely, & safely via Skype, delivering life changing results.