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Seminars — Teaching Doctors, Health Care Professionals, Employees, Students and Personal Growth Work Seekers

Dr. Angelo travels the US and Canada, lecturing on a broad range of behavioral medicine topics. His talks are dynamic, informative, cutting edge and inspiring. He educates a variety of health care professionals, earning their continuing ed: MD, DO, PharmD, DMD, DDS, DC, PT, OD, PhD, PsyD, OT, LCSW, LMHC, LPCC, LMFT, PA, NP, RPh, Teachers, Clergy, BSN, RDN, RN, LPN, RDH, Pharm Tech, DTR, LMT and more! He also provides lectures and private speaking.

In a word, “phenomenal.”

Angelo brought a brilliant and much needed conversation to our community. A focused worthwhile presentation not to be missed.


Dr. Angelo provided 138 6-hour CE Professional Semiars in 2015, 2016, and 2017 across the US and Canada, reaching over 20,000 health care profesionals.

He also provided two lectures for MCPHS University in Boston, MA. One on Pharmaceutical Care for Patients with Gender Dysphoria and one on Bipolar Disoprder.

In 2018, he is working on securing TED Talks, Key Notes, and workshops / retreats for companies, organizations and groups.