All I Want For Christmas...

Dear Dr. Angelo,

I don't have much money to spend these days. I don't know what to get my significant other for Christmas. Any ideas?

Signed, Pinching Pennies

Dear Pinching Pennies,

In the spirit of the Twelve Days of Christmas, I suggest giving twelve index cards with a personal gift voucher written on each one. You can wrap each one separately so there's more to open; or put them all in a heartfelt, homemade Christmas card. Your partner can redeem one each month all year long. You're the giver. Here's my twelve ideas for cards:
  • A Free Favor
  • A Surprise
  • A Forgiveness Card
  • A Massage
  • A Time I'll Just Listen
  • Skip A Chore and I'll Do It
  • Date Night On Me
  • Hugs, Kisses, & Cuddles
  • A Free Pass This Time
  • A Home Cooked Meal
  • To Hear, "I Love You"
  • A Sexual Treat

You may want to substitute some of your own. You could also be more creative by making, writing, saying, singing, or playing something that's meaningful to the person. Or perhaps buy something that may be inexpensive but holds a lot of personal importance to the person. Lastly, don't forget to give your presence (your undivided attention) by spending time together, which can be the most important present of all.

These are gifts from your soul. They outshine any material gift. After all, it's the way you touch someone that they will really love you for. True love does not come from things. It comes from the heart.

All The Best, Dr. Angelo