As a gender therapist and clinical psychiatric pharmacist practitioner, I'm uniquely suited to assist with the psychological and medicinal aspects of gender exploration and transition. My mission is to help cross dressing and transgender persons be their true selves and thrive in a sometimes insensitive world. I work by video, phone, and in person. I have 18 years of clinical gender experience working with the cross dressing and transgender people and allies (transsexual - FtM, MtF, transmen, transwomen, intersexed, androgyne, genderqueer, or uncategorized, gender dysphoric children and their parents, spouses, partners, children, families and friends). I was part of the Los Angeles Gender Center staff between 2002-2005. I had a course Pharmaceutical Care for Patients with Gender Dysphoria at MCPHS University in Boston, MA between 2016-2018. I'm a WPATH (World Professional Association for Transgender Health) provider, following WPATH's Standards of Care (SOC). I am a published author on the topics of gender and sexuality by Kensington Books, NY, NY, in World English and Chinese. I appeared on Montel with Gloria Allred (video clip above), CBS News on Logo, Sirius Satellite Radio, Blog Talk Radio, in print and online.

I’ve helped many cross dressers define their own manhood, escaping the pressures of masculinity, embracing their feminine side, exploring their sexuality, fostering self-acceptance, self-love, positive self-image, self-esteem, and improving their relationships. I’ve also helped hundreds of TG people to be who they truly are ― inside and out ― to be comfortable in their own skin ―whatever that means to them ―ranging from self-exploration all the way to helping them access medical treatment such as hormones and sexual reassignment surgery. Also fostering self-acceptance, self-love, positive self-image, self-esteem, and improving relationships.

“Angelo, Consulting with you about Ted’s cross-dressing saved our marriage.” – Kris and Ted

“Angelo, I do want to say, thank you, for consulting with me. You really did a wonderful job setting the woman I’ve always been free from her prison.” – Betty

“Angelo, Thank you, for consulting with me. I’m so happy. Now I can be the man I always know I was inside.” – Russ

People with gender issues who have the worst outcomes are those who've been chastised, or fear being chastised, by those closest to them for being different. Suffering comes from other people’s reactions to them being transgender, not from being transgender itself. I view gender identity as natural to a person from birth and view any desire to 'fix' it as a medical issue, not a psychological, social, or moral one. I wish to help change trans-negative experiences for cross dressers and transgender people by helping them embrace and come out as they are, 'transition' to who they are, and help others affirm them as they are. Gender is a complex issue. I honor the whole person, treating their situation comprehensively in the full context of their life, not a single issue. It’s my goal to: alleviate suffering and personal discomfort around sensitive gender issues, enhance self-acceptance and esteem, empower you to be your true self by coming out, transitioning (if appropriate), and encouraging personal growth, improving relationships, and changing our toxic social atmosphere regarding gender.

Long before we are born, the stage is set and the scripts are written for men and woman to play their parts. But gender and sexuality have a more multidimensional and fluid nature than people generally realize. We all deserve our place in society as we actually are, not as puppets forced to conform, imitating a narrow social ideal. Respect and support for the integrity and uniqueness of each individual is at the core of my approach. Acknowledging a wide spectrum of life paths, I make it my top priority to provide a safe, supportive, and effective approach for gender clients to explore their situations, examine themselves, their relationships, and their options in the scheme of things. Such exploration can lead to replacing stuckness with movement, deprivation with options, alienation with belonging, and suffering with happiness.

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