My mission is to empower you to triumph over any challenge — past or present, big or small — so you can be your authentic self, maximize your full potential, and achieve your personal & professional goals.

Through two decades of clinical experience, I’ve come to the conclusion that we’re all born "pure." No matter what's done to us, our true, untainted nature always lies inside. From negative experiences over time however, our true self gets walled off and buried, protecting oneself from more pain. As a result of this armor, we get disconnected from our true selves and others. To quote from The Normal Heart, "men do not naturally not love. They learn not to." It’s only by using our strength and courage to confront our challenges, and chip away at our walls, that we can triumph, uncovering our authentic selves.

Once this realignment happens, nothing can pull us away from who we truly are again. When a man connects with his core – with who he really is in this way, he connects not only with his own humanity, but with the humanity in others. It’s as if wrestling with, and ultimately rising up out of his own pain, recreates him...but stronger, better, forever opening his heart and mind. Oneness predominates, differences between people disappear, and he becomes anchored in love, which makes the world a better place. Then, everything is possible.

Challenge brings us the opportunity to look inside ourselves and decide what we truly want. Ultimately, we are energy. Regardless of what happened to us in our past, the energy that each and every one of us emanates out into this world is our responsibility. Each man comes to recognize that no one is coming to fix, rescue, or save him. He alone is responsible for his life and for the energy he puts out today. And the energy he chooses to put out today is the same energy that will come back to him tomorrow. You have the power to choose. You can take charge of yourself and your life. You can choose to move forward, to be relational, and compassionate, creating an amazing life for yourself and everyone that surrounds you.

Take that first step toward accomplishing your personal and professional goals. You will receive custom tailored skill sets and solutions based on your unique situation. You can battle your problems. You're a strong courageous warrior.  You can proclaim the victory of an excellent life. Contact me to begin your heroic journey today.

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