Staying Strong in Mind and Body

Personal / Professional

Seeking personal skill development in a particular area, like improved self-confidence, dating tips, or better communication / harmony in your relationships?

Looking to achieve a specific goal like stopping anxiety, an addiction, or losing weight?

Want to feel more comfortable in your own skin?

Know something’s wrong like depression, but don’t know how to fix it?

Feel like there's something missing in your life?

Does happiness elude you?

Have you gotten off track? Perhaps your personal life or career lacks the motivation it needs to get to the next level?

Need a major life makeover?

Is it time to confront the past?

Want to join a Skype group of like-minded men?

Want to improve your overall health? Have someone take the time to optimize all your medications?

Have you been meaning to get: Stress Management / Relaxation Techniques, Meditation Instruction, Hypnosis, Dreamwork, or Reiki?

Looking specifically for a sexuality or gender therapist?


 What if you could…

  • Zero in on what’s really going on?
  • Increase your insight, understanding, and awareness so that you can take action and be your best self?
  • Take charge of yourself and your life?
  • Become a stronger, better you?
  • Be your best, function better in the world, and find inner peace?
  • Take the steps needed to make positive changes in your relationships?
  • Belong to a Skype group of like-minded men?
  • Achieve stability in love and life in general to achieve greater happiness and health?
  • Improve your overall health? Make sure you’re on all the right meds?
  • Have your business perform at a higher level? Make more money? Have more success?
  • Love yourself and your life?

These are just a few outcomes, demonstrating how our work together can change your life!