Working with Angelo has made a real difference in my life. I got life changing results and so can you.

I consult with individuals and groups. For individual consultations, I provide three options: (1.) For one time, only as you need, or as a trial meeting before committing to ongoing work, single 2 hour comprehensive consultations and evaluations are available. Two of these 2 hour consultations can be bought at once for savings. (2.) For short term work, choose from several discount prepaid packages, consisting of an initial 90-minute consultation, followed by one hour weekly (consecutive) consultations over a certain period of time. For instance, some popular time frames to meet each week after the initial 90 minute consult are: 1 month, 2 months (8 weeks), 3 months (13 weeks). (3.) Ongoing clients (longer than 3 months) that commit to weekly meetings can opt to pay as they go each week for an hour or 75 minutes. Couples and Families require 90 minutes. Extraordinary financial hardships may request 45 minutes or 30 minute power sessions. Group consultations (companies, organizations, teams) are arranged on a case by case basis. I also have men's skype groups and group web conference events.

All meetings provide some immediate benefits. During our initial consultation, you will receive a comprehensive assessment of your challenge, followed by focused education, useful tools, and support to get immediate solutions. In our initial meeting, I will also outline a strategic plan for you moving forward, detailing what I recommend it will take to fully resolve your issue over a period of time. During our initial meeting, you will also be able to determine if I’m the right match for you, as we experience working together.

Afterward, in our ongoing consultations, I work to assist you in fully resolving the pressing issues, according to the strategic plan designed and agreed to during our initial meeting. All meetings include ongoing education, a balance of challenge and support, and hands on tools for life changing impact. All my consultations are personal and unique, being custom tailored to each individual or group. There is ongoing progress evaluation and strategic refinement of the initial plan. My comprehensive, individualized approach uses a step by step process that helps you to better understand your situation in its full context (physical, mental, emotional, social, cultural, family, etc.), identify what needs to happen, and carry out the solutions to achieve your goals. I don’t just nod my head and listen. I provide life changing results.

In-person meetings are arranged if we’re located in the same geographical area. For distance meetings, the effectiveness of online and telephone meetings has extensive scientific support. Individual meetings may take place securely online face-to-face via Skype or by phone. Group meetings may take place securely online face-to-face via Skype Group Audio-Video Conferencing or by teleconferencing. However, I can also arrange to come meet with you in person wherever you are. A separate charge is incurred to cover any costs for transportation, lodging, and meals. All meeting days and times are prearranged in collaboration with my clients.

Since I offer several ongoing consultation packages for varying lengths of time, I may recommend one or another, depending on what plan I think will best suit your needs, i.e.,  achieve your goal. However, the final decision is always up to you. You decide.

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