Men’s gatherings for 2-4 hours, focusing on one topic in depth.

Angelo, I had fun at your workshop, met a lot of good people, and left with a set of tools that really work.


Men’s gatherings over 2-3 days, concentrating on a variety of topics surrounding a common theme. Join Angelo and a community of like-minded men for the next “Mountain Moving Strength.” Participants have said:

Life changing. If you don’t have the time, make it.

I felt like 200 pounds was lifted off my shoulders. Finally, I can be myself.

I’m walking away a new man.

It expanded my mind and opened my heart.

There’s nothing else like it!

In a word, attendees have summed it up as: “Excellent!” “Amazing!” “Fantastic!”


A small group of men that go on a trip for a week to 10 days in a magnificent natural setting with experiential exercises directed toward self-discovery and realizing one’s full potential. The last travel group named their expedition “Warriors of Change.”

Here’s what travelers shared:

The combination of nature, adventure, good company, and Angelo’s self exploration exercises is truly transcendent.

I had a precious moment of feeling truly alive that I will never forget.

After this, I’m a changed man. Definitely happier and motivated to be healthier.

This was an amazing group of strong, courageous men. I will always cherish the time I spent with them.

In a word or two, “Transformational!” “Life-Changing!”

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Social Introductory Activities

Informal social/professional men’s gatherings for 1-2 hours, introducing men to Angelo and his work.

Angelo is warm and engaging. I enjoyed the evening. I met some new people and got some useful information.

Arrange to attend an event or for me to come speak to your group on a topic that’s just right for you!