All I Want For Christmas...
Greetings! I wanted to take this time to say, warm wishes to you and your loved ones during this Holiday Season. Since the Spirit of Christmas is about love, I've included a quick tip below entitled, All I Want For Christmas...to empower you to give the best of you this holiday. Enjoy! Read More

How Are You Like Your Thanksgiving Dinner?
How are you like your Thanksgiving Dinner? Let's start with the stuffing. How do you stuff yourself? When do you push your feelings down and not say anything? Challenge yourself to speak your truth. Next, the mashed potatoes... Read More

Texting, IM chats, and picture swapping (not to mention sexting) have become surrogates for authentic connection. We may proclaim we have 5,000 friends yet simultaneously feel lonely. Deeply lonely. Despite our Facebook, Twitter, and Foursquare accounts, something is missing. We crave real intimacy. Read More

How To Meet New People – In Real Time!
If you want friends you have to go out and make some, not collect them like stamps on Facebook. Here’s a solid strategy to meet new people in real time. Read More

Realize Your Dreams
Today I encourage you to believe in yourself -- despite all the critics. You may think it's too late for the dreams you once dreamed to come true. You may have given up on life, believing your time has passed...that nothing good ever happens to you. But what I know is that it's never too late for anyone to triumph over any challenge in their life and realize their dreams. Read More

10 Quick Tips To Become A Better You
Self-acceptance is important. I therefore encourage men to accept themselves for who and what they are. At the same time, many of us use unhealthy coping strategies that don't support mental, physical, and spiritual health. Thus, I also support personal growth work that promotes greater health and well-being throughout the year....Read More

Man Or Machine?
I was out at a gathering place the other night and was struck by the impersonal climate of our modern age. I noticed a fair share of the patrons were paying more attention to their phones than each other. Isn't that ironic - that all these people found themselves in the same room, yet they were searching on the Internet for someone or something better. I thought to myself,...Read More

Spring Ahead With Your Life
Hi Everyone!


It's March 21, and Spring is here! The spring solstice is the time for renewal; a time to empower yourself for the regeneration you want in your life today! I've included one of my advice columns on this theme for you below.

First, I'd like to share with you. One of the mantras on my old website was, "Know Thyself!" Its wisdom is more than 2,400 years old - ancient by any standard. It was inscribed on the front of the Temple of Apollo in Delphi, Greece. As important as it is to be self-aware, it's more important to "Be Thyself!" That's why my current mantra is "empowering men to be their true selves. Read More

12/21/12, The Fated Winter Solstice - Is It Really The End Of Days...Or Just The Beginning?
Wait...it's 12/21/12 and we're still alive! I use all of these "End of the World" predictions as wake up calls, to re-examine my priorities and realign things. I imagine if my life were ending how would I live differently... more time with family and friends, less work, more fun, more travel, more risks...but my philosophy has been - why wait? Read More

Is Sugar A drug?
I’m sure you’ve heard that sugar is bad for your health, especially in the form of high-fructose corn syrup. Research has demonstrated excess sugar alters our metabolism, cholesterol panel, packs on fat, is bad for your liver, brain, and is associated with obesity, diabetes, heart disease, cancer, anxiety, and depression - to name a few. 7 out of every 10 American are either overweight or obese. 4...... Read More

Harness Your Power
This week I want to talk with you about Power. In order to relax and reboot, we often turn to something or someone outside ourselves. Depending on our interests, we might: pick up a pizza, drink a beer or two, watch a game, hit the gym, go for a run, play some golf, listen to music, go dancing, watch a movie, go for a drive, head to the beach, buy something new, treat ourselves to a massage, hot t...... Read More

Triumph Over Life Challenges
Welcome. Some of the challenges you may be facing in your life today could be connected to a negative experience that happened in the past. No doubt you’re strong, capable, and normally work through problems on your own. But certain things aren't meant to be solved alone, with your significant other, family, friends, coworkers, or the barber. Some things need the attention of a health and wellness...... Read More

Benefits Of My Services
As both a Licensed, Registered Pharmacist and Licensed, Nationally Certified Clinical Mental Health Counselor, I provide a unique background, specializing in both medical and wellness approaches to men’s health and well-being. I provide comprehensive solutions to the unique challenges you’re facing in your life today, keeping you strong in both mind and body. I’m a member of the College of Psychia...... Read More

Real Men Don't Need Help?
"I can handle it myself." You would call an attorney if you were being sued, a doctor if you broke a bone, or the cops if you were robbed. So why solve your life challenges alone? No doubt you're strong, intelligent, and can normally work through your own problems. But some things just can’t be solved alone, with loved ones, or your barber. They need the attention of a specialist like Angelo. "...... Read More

Champions Of A Hard Knock Life
Life can have a way of eclipsing our true self, emergent from negative life events sometimes as far back as childhood. As a result of a bad experience, we become disconnected from our true selves and others. Such past wounds include: a parent that dies, is emotionally or physically absent, neglectful, jailed, mentally or physically ill, addicted, inadequate parenting, family dysfunction, domestic ...... Read More

Beat Chronic Stress
When a person has an extraordinary challenge, their stress response becomes overloaded. This is a normal reaction to an abnormally stressful situation. Most people's nervous system returns to normal after a short period of time. But some people's systems stay aroused. Their nervous system never fully discharges. Long after the stressful event, their brain doesn't go back to it’s normal functioning...... Read More