Believe in Yourself

Hi Everyone,

Love is in the air! Given Valentine's Day and Spring Fever, it's that time of year to celebrate that special one -- that's right -- YOU! Today I encourage you to love yourself all out by believing in yourself -- despite all the critics. You may think it's too late for the dreams you once dreamed to come true. You may have given up on life, believing your time has passed...that nothing good ever happens to you. You may have lost the spring in your step, as day after day, and then suddenly year after year, blends into the next. But what I know is that it's never too late for anyone to triumph over any challenge in their life and realize their dreams.

Below I've included one of the most moving and inspiring videos I've ever seen. I encourage you to take just 5 minutes to watch it so you can benefit from its full impact. When Susan Boyle first walked on stage the audience and judges took one look at her and laughed. They mocked her. Many would have given up right then -- walked off stage, head down, feeling humiliated. But not Susan. She stood there courageously in front of the whole world with her head held high, believing in herself. And as soon as she opened her mouth and sang, no one was laughing anymore. In an instant, one of the world's most beautiful voices was discovered. The rest, as they say, is history. Everyone was reminded -- never judge a book by its cover.

What makes this video even more touching and triumphant is the irony of how singing a song about completely giving up hope was what actually made Susan's dream come true. You too are resilient. Your innate capacity to heal and once again thrive is one of your greatest strengths. I can be there for you, wherever you are, working effectively, securely, and safely online via Skype, over the phone, or in-person, to get life changing results. Like Susan, you may be at the end of your rope, singing your swan song. But nothing that has ever happened to you can keep you from moving forward to live an excellent life. You really can have more health, happiness, love, confidence, peace, and success like you've always dreamed. Let your true light shine. It's never too late for anyone who truly wants it and is willing to try.