End of Days

12/21/12, The fated Winter Solstice – Is it really The End of Days…or Just the Beginning?


Wait…it's 12/21/12 and we’re still alive! I use such “End of the World” predictions as wake up calls, to re-examine my priorities and realign things. I imagine if my life were ending how would I live differently…more time with family and friends, less work, more fun, more travel, more risks. but my philosophy has been – why wait? I don’t have to wait for a tragedy to happen. I can start living right now. For me, once a certain financial level of needs is satisfied, life is really about having good health, joy, and love. What’s important to you? What can you do differently? What are you waiting for? Please don’t wait. Life is a limited time offer. Spend more time doing things you love to do. Start today. This holiday season is a perfect time to begin your celebration of life. See you next week with some New Year’s tips.


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