How Are You Like Your Thanksgiving Dinner?

How are you like your Thanksgiving Dinner? Let's start with the stuffing. How do you stuff yourself? When do you push your feelings down and not say anything? Challenge yourself to speak your truth. Next, the mashed potatoes. Where are you sticking in your life? Stuck in a job you dislike? Filling a void with an addiction or bad habit? Experiencing an impasse in a relationship? Take the necessary action to get unstuck. Moving along to the gravy. How do you cover up and hide things? Where are you drowning in your life? What are you in denial about? Face the truths in your life. And of course, the turkey. Are you able to get to the meat of matters -- to remove the masks and be real? The fast food chain Wendy's was right when they used to ask -- ''Where's the beef?'' Strive to be your authentic self. And finally, the dessert. Where in your life are you too full? What can be left off your plate? Take steps to lower your stress so you can be sweeter like that delicious pie!

A Chinese proverb said, ''we count our miseries carefully, and accept our blessings without much thought.'' But in the season of Thanksgiving, we need to do just that -- give thanks. Wherever you can, count your blessings. Try to practice gratitude this holiday season. It's easy. Just stop for a few moments, reflect on what's good in your life, and give thanks. Focus on what you have, not what's missing. Gratitude fosters positive thoughts and feelings, which helps you be your best self.