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Straight Acting stands out, not only as an insightful work very much in line with contemporary queer theory, but also as a valuable piece of self help literature. Pezzote’s expertise provides a basis for change and challenges readers to form new conceptions of masculinity which allow for intimate and satisfying relationships. I heartily recommend this book.

-Mike Kellerman OutInJersey magazine

We have so many Diva’s in our world. What about the Devo’s? The guys (such as Angelo) who put themselves out there and are willing to take a chance to make a difference. These guys are Visionaries.

-Mark Nelson NYC Events Promoter

Straight Acting is a must read for any man struggling with sexuality, all gay men, & for the healthcare professionals who treat them. It’s now going to be a must read for any man who attends my support groups.

-Dennis Schleicher Author and national speaker on gay rights and the proliferation of married men who have gay lovers on the down low.

I just finished reading your book and all I can say is – WOW! Your book resonated with me on so many levels. It made me laugh and cry and really put a lot of shit in perspective for me. Have you ever read “A New Earth” by Eckhart Tolle? Well your book ranks right up there with his.

-JC (Reader)

Straight Acting is the BEST book I’ve ever read on the subject of gay men – period!

-KR (Reader)

I just finished reading your book, “Straight Acting” and wanted to send you a big thank you and a round of applause for writing it. I think it’s a must-read for all gay men.

-JF (Reader)

I recommend this book to every gay man I know. I’ve actually picked up three more copies and given them to friends this past weekend. I’m thinking about putting together an informal group with some of my friends like a book club to discuss your book. Man – it’s not only enlightening, it’s life changing. Thanks for all the great work – you are changing lives and a total inspiration.

-KN (Reader)

Thank you sooooo much for Straight Acting. I truly believe it was/is life changing for me. I bought two copies to pass onto friends, after I read mine on my Amazon Kindle. I recently founded the Pittsburgh Gay Book Club with a buddy of mine. I am going to suggest it for a future book club selection! Thanks again.

-HY (Reader)

Hi! I read your book Straight Acting:… THANK YOU!! I learned a lot about myself reading this!

-JM (Reader)

I bought the Kindle version of your book, “Straight Acting” last week, and have it on my iPod Touch. I’ve been reading it nearly everyday now, and enjoy your insights so much. You are doing a STELLAR service to our gay community and entire species alike, and are a great example for psychotherapists to follow. I just wish that there were more people out there like you! :) Alvin A.

“Hi Angelo! :) I just wanted to briefly thank you for writing such an inspiring book. Anytime I need any kind of re-affirmation, I re-read parts of “Straight Acting,” and I always feel better.”

Straight Acting….really a wonderful work Angelo. Made me feel deeply and helps me act wisley now.

I just want to say that I LOVE your book Straight Acting. Great work. What I enjoyed about it your book is that you have provided myself with much-needed information as to why stayed in the closet and married my wife. I understand now with the help of Dennis’s support group and reading your book, now it’s time to come clean and come OUT as a gay man. When is your next book coming out?
Thank You, Soon To Be Out Man

- Reader

Hi Angelo. Your book finally came in and I’m tearing through it. A great read. Straight shooter, down to earth – just the way most of us want information delivered.

-RR (Reader)

I’ve gotten so much fullfillment from your website and your book. I deal with depression and low self esteem. You’re an understanding voice who has helped me and other gay men. And I want to thank you. Sometimes I feel lonely, but reading your messages makes me feel less lonely.

-TA (Reader)

Thank you for providing me encouragement and to love myself through reading your book.

-FN (Reader)

I’m a 52 year old gay man. I read your book and got a lot out of it. I’ve carried so much internal hate for myself as a gay man. For decades, I hated myself. I thought there was something wrong with me. I thought I wasn’t normal. I used alcohol to try to like myself, if that makes any sense. I’m trying to get to the point where I can truly like myself. You and your advice are helping me get there. Thank you.

-HJ (Reader)

I wanted to take a minute and say thank you for being a teacher when I needed one. Just finishing Straight Acting and it has helped me to open my heart/mind/spirit to new possibilities in finding my authentic self. A truly amazing read from what I am positive is an equally amazing author.

-WF (Reader)

What an amazing book – thank you for all of the positive and supportive ideas and tips contained in there. It is now going to be my handbook for finding True Love and improving my life.

-KT (Reader)

I just started reading your book Straight Acting and want to say it is a great, refreshing, realistic look on being a gay man in today’s world.

-BR (Reader)

Just finished reading “Straight Acting” – Excellent!!! Learned a lot about myself and being gay and…BEING MYSELF. Bravo.

-GC (Reader)

I could not put your book down! You have made a great contribution to humanity – a beautiful human being!

-MD (Reader)

Thank you so much for Straight Acting – I flew through it in hours – and found it very valuable, and very well written. I live in San Francisco, so the content is very applicable. Your work is a gift to so many of us and I wanted you to know it is greatly appreciated. I’m hoping your practice is thriving, as your message is so important.

-In gratitude, JT (Reader)

Straight Acting is basicly someone telling me what should have been told to me a long time ago, and explains what I’ve been trying to put into words for years. You don’t even know what this means to me. Thank you for your book.

-TJ (Reader)

Your book was really inspiring. I’m sure it’s going to help make a difference and propel social change that’s long called for.

-KS (Reader)

For this how-to book, Pezzote’s assessment of the barriers to a satisfactory gay life – including the inevitable “Ten Quick Tips to Find True Love” – brings with it the gravitas of both his personal experience and the experience of several dozen men whose self-questioning correspondence peppers the usefully sage pages; a substantial take on the topic for gay guys on the prowl.

-Richard Labonte’s Book Marks for Q Syndicate

This practical and well thought out book needs to be read by all who feel insecure about who they are and by those who are secure but under false pretenses. It is a valuable and welcome addition to our canon.

-Amos Lassen