Find yourself thinking, I don't need help,

I can do it myself?

“I can handle it myself.” You would call an attorney if you were being sued, a doctor if you broke a bone, or the cops if you were robbed. So why solve life's problems by yourself? No doubt you’re strong, smart, and can normally work through problems on your own. But the nature of some things just aren't meant to be solved alone, with loved ones, or your barber. They need the attention of a men's health and wellness specialist like myself.

“I’m weak if I get help.” If you had an infection, you would see a doctor, then a pharmacist, and finally take an antibiotic. That doesn’t mean you’re weak. Quite the contrary. It's smart to get the kind of help you need. Rather than be a sign of dependence on others, therapy can be seen as a responsible way of maintaining your health, well-being, relationships, and career. It demonstrates you're a hero for having the strength and courage to battle your demons.

“I don’t need help. It’s not that bad.” How bad do things have to get? When you stub your toe, how long do you wait to scream, “ouch!” When you cut yourself, how long do you wait to stop the bleeding? When you get a splinter, how long do you wait before you try to remove it?

“If I don’t deal with it, it will go away.” Actually, the opposite is true. When ignored, issues tend to build up and worsen over time. How many cases of cancer just go away on their own?

“People will think I’m crazy?” Today, it’s chic to have a therapist. In fact, what's crazy is not having a therapist! Most people will admire you for being in therapy, including me.

“I’ll lose control.” While I may illuminate all your options at times, you make all the decisions, remaining in full control and taking charge of your life.

“It’s too expensive.” What are your troubles costing you — and not just monetarily? My professional fee is best viewed as an investment you’re making in yourself. The returns are priceless. For instance, what’s your happiness worth?

You don't have to suffer alone in silence in the name of masculine pride . You can redefine what it means to be a man in order to escape the strait-jacket of masculinity. The benefits are more: health, happiness, love, confidence, peace and success. I can be there for you, wherever you are, working conveniently, securely, and effectively online via Skype, delivering life changing results. Contact me to lessen your troubles today.

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