Spring Ahead In Your Life

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It's March 21, and Spring is here! The spring solstice is the time for renewal; a time to empower yourself for the regeneration you want in your life today! I've included one of my advice columns on this theme for you below. First, I'd like to share with you. One of the mantras on my old website was, "Know Thyself!" Its wisdom is more than 2,400 years old - ancient by any standard. It was inscribed on the front of the Temple of Apollo in Delphi, Greece. As important as it is to be self-aware, it's more important to "Be Thyself!" That's why my current mantra is "empowering men to be their true selves." I can't think of any experience more painful than not being who you really are. I mean, what could be more detrimental to your happiness than being someone you're not? Wouldn't you agree? Many men, feeling pressure to measure up to the impossible image of "a man's man," sacrifice their authentic selves. In striving to achieve this ideal, many men become disconnected from their true needs and emotions, losing touch with who they really are - their true selves, which becomes their lost self. Most men are only too familiar with this split between their public and private selves, not knowing how to bridge them. This dog-and-pony show is extremely stressful, and keeping everything bottled up inside takes it's toll - both physically and mentally. Since men aren't taught how to tend to their inner lives, they may focus on a more familiar landscape - their outer lives: sports, alcohol, sex, TV, Internet, work, the attainment of titles, money, cars, houses and other status symbols, creating a family, and so on. Men are forced to look outside of themselves for fulfillment, hoping such things meet their needs and bring them happiness. My work with men understands and maximizes men's strengths by honoring the fine achievements they've made in their outer lives. I assist men to transfer the skills they've built in their outer lives to their inner lives, where they'll be better served. Each man can subsequently explore the depths of himself, heal past wounds, discover the full range of his potential, charge ahead, and reclaim his true self. Breaking himself free from the shackles of a stereotypical male caricature, he can define his own manhood, be his authentic self, and give rein to his full power. If there is even the slightest gap between your outer and inner self, now is an excellent time to start closing it. Isn't it time that you proclaim your power, achieving more in your inner life to complement your outer life? 

Dear Angelo,

I am done with winter. In fact, I feel done with everything. I recently got laid off, have some health problems, and am turning 45. So much in my life is changing and I'm not sure I have the strength to deal with it. There's nothing to look forward to. Do you have any suggestions for me?

Signed, Giving up

Dear Giving Up,

Imagine a newborn coming into the world in Alaska in mid winter. The infant might think, ''Hey, I don't want to live in this cold, dark, barren world.''  Of course you would tell the infant, ''Just wait, spring is ahead; a time of constant light, warmth, and abundant life. Things will soon be beautiful. You'll see.'' The infant might reply, ''I don't believe it.'' But you would trust that spring was just ahead and say "don't worry, everything is going to be okay."

Your spring is coming. This is not the end, but the beginning. The Universe has good things in store for your future. The best is yet to come. You must have hope, trust, faith, belief, optimism - whatever word you choose - that Life is always working for you, never against you. Sure we all face hard, long, cold, dark winters, i.e., tough life challenges, yet spring always follows. If something isn't going well now, something better's planned ahead. There's meaning in our life's trials. We grow when we're stretched. Our negative experience of winter makes the joy of spring more ecstatic.

In my darkest moments, I make a point to find something beautiful in whatever's around me - seeing a flower, smelling vanilla, appreciating the architecture of a historic building, a baby's smile...Yes, life can be nasty, but it can also be lovely. This doesn't mean bad things don't happen that get us down. But you can change your mindset or approach to life, focusing on the good, not the bad, so life doesn't bury you. You have the power to make life a winter or spring.

All The Best, Angelo

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