Total Health: Mind, Body & Soul

You don't have to suffer alone. Silence is not the answer. I can be there for you, wherever you are. I provide safe, discreet, personalized care via videochat. My goal is to deliver the results you want. Benefits are more: health, happiness, love, confidence, peace & success.

I work with all people, including affirmation of diversity: LGBTQ2IA+, Hispanics, Latinos, Blacks, Native Americans, Asians, other People of Color, and Multiculturalism. Triumph over your challenges: Relationships, Trauma, Depression, Anxiety/Panic, Addiction, Sexuality, Gender, Men's Issues, Peyronie's.

Our emotional experiences as children impacts our mental & physical health as adults - even 50 years later. The past informs our present. Connecting the dots (back then to today), reveals a picture of your life. It's easier to leave the past behind, but walled off hurts eat at your mind, body, & soul like parasites. Break down the walls to freedom.

As a Board Certified Clinical Psychiatric Pharmacist Practitioner (BCPP), National Certified Counselor (NCC), & Board Certified Clinical Mental Health Counselor (CCMHC), I can help lessen your troubles. I utilize a custom tailored, integrative approach to psychotherapy. Counseling, Psychotherapy, Medication Management, Key Note Speaker, Lecturer, Seminars and Retreats. Published Author, Montel, CBS, E!TV, SiriusXM Radio.

After working with you on trauma, anxiety and depression, I am medication free for the first time in thirteen years. Thank you for saving my life and helping me grow into the person I am today. Brian from Brooklyn, NY

I was one of the Peoria attendees. I just want to thank you for what was one of the best courses I’ve attended in 24 years of being a Speech Language Pathologist. Lori

I have been telling everyone I see about your life changing and inspiring seminar. Lynn from St. Louis, MO

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2022 Webinars:

Jan 7 Adverse Childhood Experiences

Jan 8 Exercise

Jan 12 Child & Adolescent Psychiatry

Jan 17 Conscientious Eating

Jan 20 Adult Psychiatry

Feb  03 Medicinal Foods

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