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Welcome! Society forges men to be strong. Since the "man code" deems emotions as "feminine" and "weak," most men keep their emotions bottled up. Consequently, many men wear a mask — they perform — at least in public. This dog and pony show takes center stage for awhile. But over time, many men find themselves trapped in a straight jacket of masculinity, hurting and silently screaming to get out. Gradually, the myth of masculinity gets exposed. Forced to be their false selves for so long, many have "forgotten" their true selves. Thus, many men find themselves lost, floating in a vacuum. By now, serious inroads have usually been made into men's mental, physical, and spiritual health. Years of confining coping mechanisms and decades of "man stress" may have given rise to: self-doubt, anxiety, fear, shame, depression, anger, violence, loneliness, addictions and other self-destructive high-risk behaviors, criminal activity, physical illness, sexual dysfunction, chronic disease, early death and suicide. Symptoms in men may not be obvious, since men express themselves differently than women. That's why it's important to have a men's specialist on your team. 

You don't have to suffer alone in silence. Whether you're a heterosexual, heteroflexible, bisexual, gay, crossdressing, or transgender man, my mission is to empower you to triumph over challenge, so you can define your own manhood, be your true self, maximize your potential, and achieve your personal & professional goals. The benefits are more: health, happiness, love, confidence, peace and success.

You're resilient. There's a victor inside of you who has a natural capacity to heal & thrive. This is one of man's greatest strengths. Nothing that was done to you in the past can keep you from moving forward now. You can confront your problems, meet your inner champion, and create a better life for yourself. It's never too late for anyone who is willing to try. Meet the strong and courageous warrior who lives within you. Take that first step by contacting me to help lessen your troubles. I can be there for you, wherever you are, working effectively, securely, & safely online, by phone, or in person, delivering life changing results.

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